Music Together® - Greater Madison Area



photo Catherine Olson

My name is Catherine Olson and I am delighted to have a chance to meet you and your child/children!  I took my first Music Together class when our first daughter was under a year old.  We loved the community, musical learning, and of course the fun!  A couple of years later, I decided to quit my full time job to stay home.  I then trained to become a Music Together teacher. I had a great year, in St. Paul, MN, meeting wonderful families and sharing the joy of music with each other. We've since moved to the Madison area and have two more children. The bittersweet time of seeing my last child go off to school opened up an opportunity to start teaching again.  My mother helped instill the love of making music in our family, teaching piano lessons in our home, and entertaining us with the piano, banjo, and accordion. I play the piano and played the trombone during my school years.  I look forward to meeting you and helping instill the joy of music making in your family!

photo Krystal Lonsdale

Krystal Lonsdale discovered Music Together after having her son, Donovan. On the first day of class, she knew that Music Together was not only fun, but an enriching musical experience for her whole family to share. She is excited to watch the families in her classes thrive in the same way that her and her son have with this program. Krystal is a graduate of the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in NYC. Since graduating, she has performed throughout the US and UK. She is also committed to participating and contributing to Madison's musical and performing arts scene.

photo Julie Collins

Julie has enjoyed a lifelong love of music, and singing in particular. Growing up in a musical home, there was always some form of music, be it singing, experimenting with instruments (and pots and pans!), listening to recordings, attending concerts, taking Suzuki piano lessons, or performing in ensembles. Julie’s undergraduate focus was on Music and Speech Communication, and she holds a Masters in Counseling Psychology, a background that greatly informs her approach to parenting and teaching. Now the mother of two young children, Gabriel and Elena, Julie is thrilled to have discovered what she calls "the magic of Music Together". What she found particularly exciting and compelling about the Music Together approach is that the curriculum does so much more than foster music-making. It marries the joyful fun  and expression of music with building and strengthening the parent-child bond, all of which have an incredibly powerful and positive impact not only in childhood but on one's entire life. “This program is such a gift, and I'm deeply grateful to share it with my family and yours!" Julie believes music to be a nourishing experience as well as a healthy outlet for adults and children alike. "Whether you have a background in music or you have never sung a note, we will have an amazing time making music together!"