Instruments for each class

Instruments for class Music Together® Family Classes

You will want to have a bag/basket of instruments that you can use during class. The main components that you’ll want to gather are below. In addition to the below, when we have an "instrument jam" time, you may want to provide some other fun bought or made instruments. However, more instruments are completely optional. It is great to have enough instruments for each of your participating children AND for you as your child's important adult, role modeling instrument play!


1. Shakers  

2. Rhythm Sticks  

3. Scarves  

4. Drums 

We occasionally use balls (find a size that works well for your child to grasp and roll)

We occasionally use jingles (store bought or jingles you have at home/keys/create via craft store)


Option 1: Find things at home that will work for all of the above!

1. Shakers can be made from plastic eggs or small plastic containers filled with beads or dry beans/lentils/small pasta and secured with strong tape. Decorate at will!

2. Rhythm sticks can be wooden spoons or spatulas from your kitchen. 

3. Scarves can be any flowy (versus heavy) scarf or material

4. Drums can be an upside down bucket or large plastic or tin recyclable. You can also use a book or the coffee table if you're taking class from home


Option 2: Buying used instruments from Catherine:


1. Egg shakers/like new

Large/safer for kids who mouth instruments ($3.00/pair). 

Normal sized/safe for non-mouthers ($3.00/pair).  


2. Rhythm Sticks/like new($3.50/pair)


3. Scarves/used but in good shape/washed clean ($1.00/each)


4. Drums Pre-Covid, we used large gathering drums as a group, which aren’t for sale. I do have small tambourines that are in decent shape, but are clearly used. ($2.00/tambourine)


5. Jingles/like new ($2.00/jingle)


6. I have quite a few other instruments that I am willing to sell at very reasonable prices...please contact me directly to talk through options/prices!



If you'd like to buy used instruments from Catherine, please contact me directly @ or 608-807-9490 



Option 3: Buying new instruments from Music Together, Heid Music or other companies: 


1. Egg shakers Egg Shakers through Music Together Online Store ($4.50 each)


2. Rhythm Sticks Rhythm Sticks through Music Together Online Store ($4.00/pair)


3. Scarves Scarves through Music Together Online Store ($10/each). This scarf is silk and quite nite, but you can definitely find much less expensive options online.  However, it may be hard to find them in small quantities.


4. Drums aren't sold through Music Together, check Heid Music, Amazon, or any favorite retailer.


5. Jingle options are a bit tougher to find…they tend to come in larger packs. Jingles through Amazon, Jingles through Amazon (this is the type I have for sale/used)


Buying a set of instruments through Music Together:


1. 2 egg shakers, 2 sets of rhythm sticks, 2 scarves  ($21.00)

Instrument Set through Music Together Online Store